Search Engine Ranking & Optimization

How SEO Works

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of building your website so that the content is 'friendly' to search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Search engines often read and archive websites so that people can find them without any problems. For example, someone may be searching for ways to cook chicken. If your website is about chicken and is optimized correctly, your website should come up on the first page or two of every search engine.

Optimizing Search Engine results involves making your website simpler for search engines to understand. The objective of SEO is increased ranking for your website, which will cause more traffic. Engaging in search engine optimization requires a constantly evolving skill set.

Why do I need SEO?

With nearly 14 billion online searches every month, there's unlimited opportunity through Internet marketing. But in order to take advantage of this prospect, it is vital to rank high in the search engines, and to make sure your website turns visitors into leads and sales. If you don't apprehend how to productively use these strategies, then your customers will go to your competitors instead. This is where NetParadigms can help you!

Search queries are word, both terms and phrases, that people use to search for sites related to their inquiry. When these queries best match your site, your site gets the best search results. Experience has proven that search engine traffic can help (or hinder) an organization's success. Investing in SEO, will prove to maximize your exposure on the Internet.

SEO from the Beginning

As online marketing becomes more and more central to the success of any company, it isn't beneficial to wait until after a website has been developed to implement optimizing search engine results. The website development and SEO are so completely linked that doing one before the other often times causes you to have to go back and redo, or worse, undo things so as to create a well-matched harmony between the two.

With web development, the marketing aspects should be one of the main thrusts behind how the site is developed. For many websites, there are often things that are done wrong from a search engine marketing point-of-view, even if you have a fully functional site. Introducing a site that works at less than its full potential is a waste of time and money. We would like to assist in bringing you a fully equipped, search engine optimized website from the beginning!

  • Competitive Analysis

    • A thorough review of your competitors with similar content and key word/phrase search engine placement.

  • Content Revisions

    • This is the rewording of current content in addition to the writing of new content to make the site pages on the website more search engine friendly.

  • HTML Page Creation

    • Individual keyword phrase specific static html page creation:
      [This is where an entirely new page is created specifically designed around key phrase content.]

  • Keyword Research

    • Research into search terms
      Initial Key word evaluation

  • Key Word Specific

    • Content Revisions Including (title, description, keywords) [These are specific changes that will be done for each content– related page tailored to the desired key word/phrase used.]

    • Individual keyword phrase specific static html page creation. [This is where an entirely new page is created specifically designed around key phrase content.]

  • Link Popularity Building

  • META Tags

    • Including (title, description, keywords)

    • The META Tag structure is very important and great care is taken in regards to the wording of the page title, description and keywords listed.

    • There will be revision of existing meta tag structures as well as creation of new ones.

  • Search Engine | Directory Submissions

    • Contrary to popular belief, a website does not have to be submitted to hundreds of search engines. There are only ten major search engine/directories that need to be properly submitted to. If they are done correctly, then your site is in the main databases that hundreds of other search engines access for information.

    • Initial submission to the following search engines and directories:

    • Top 5 Search Engines by Rank

    • Google

    • Yahoo! Search

    • MSN Live Search

    • AOL Search – Powered by Google

    • Ask – Powered by Teoma

    • Open Directory

    • DMOZ (categorically researched)

  • 2nd Tier Search Engines

    • AltaVista – Powered by Yahoo!

    • Fast ( – Powered by Yahoo!

    • Gigablast – Real time spidering

    • Netscape Search – Powered by Google

    • – Portions powered by: Gigablast,


    • X1 Technologies, Inc. and Enhanced by

  • Site Analysis

  • Site Map Creation


  • Monitoring

    • Monitoring of key phrase ranking

  • Reporting

    • 30 days after stat benchmarking.

    • 75 days after initial SEO work.

    • Quarterly